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Regular Registration: 
Thru February 28, 2019

MNFEA Members $140/person
Non-Members $180/person

Regular Registration: 
March 1-10, 2019

MNFEA Members $160/person
Non-Members $200/person

Late/Onsite Registration: 
March 11-13, 2019

MNFEA Members $180/person
Non-Members $220/person

All fees include sessions, workshops, networking, activities and most meals.


Conference Schedule

At the Annual MNFEA Conference, each session is crafted to meet the educational needs of the event industry. Sessions are presented by local planners and professionals who are leaders in their field. Not only will you learn event management skills, you will come away with innovative ideas, new connections and applicable practices for your next event.


Advertising and Getting the Word Out About Your Great Event
Make a plan! We spend months planning every detail of our event and sometimes overlook the need to put together a plan and make sure we let everyone know about the good work we're doing. Come to this session to learn about the top 5 things we need to be doing to get the word out about our event. New and innovate ways to advertise will also be covered.
Speaker: Paul Haga, Star Tribune

Event Insurance: Love it or Hate It We All Need It
This session covers the nuts and bolts of festival insurance: How much insurance do we need to carry, how to shop for insurance, how does festival security play into this, what does my board need to know about event insurance and when do I need to require vendors, guests to sign waivers or provide proof of insurance. This will be an engaging session from seasoned professionals that serve some of the biggest festivals. 
Speaker: Jeff Maas, CBIZ Insurance

Should My Event Go Cashless?
Review the new and emerging technologies in taking your event cashless. New technology provides opportunities for your guests to easily purchase food, beverages and merchandise at your event. This is a great way to expand your sales, improve operations, monitor sales in real time and gather information on your guests! Explore how this creates a better guest experience and provides additional value for your sponsors.
Speaker: Scott Henry and Erin Cooper, American Metro Point of Sale

Expanding Your Funding Options with Grants
Many of us rely on grants to fund our events. This session will explore tips, best practices and a review of the top grant-making organizations for festivals.
Speaker: Erin Cooper, Irish Fair Executive Director

Get the Word Out - Effective Social Media Strategies for Small Organizations
We all know that we need to be "doing" social media, but this is often a task that gets set aside and becomes an afterthought. This session will share tips on using information you already have on social media, generating additional fun and engaging posts, best practices for posting content on the various channels and how to use interns, volunteers or other staff to keep your social media relevant.
Speaker: City Pages

Measuring the Success of Your Event
Many festivals and events survey attendees to improve marketing strategies and gather important demographic information. This evaluative work yields valuable data, but what if you want to dig deeper? What is the mission of your festival or event? How do you know if you are realizing your mission? What do you hope the impact of your festival or event is on attendees and participants? How do you know if this impact is being achieved? Join Rina Rossi, program officer for the Minnesota State Arts Board, to see examples of how other festivals have gathered data about the impact of their activities and think about how you might apply this work to your own festival or event.
Speaker: Rina Rossi, Minnesota State Arts Board

Crisis Management - When Things Don't Go As Planned
Despite checking (and double checking) every last detail, sometimes things just don't go as planned. This veteran crisis management professional will share what you should think of BEFORE your event and how to react appropriately during the crises.
Speaker: Mike Zipko, Velocity Public Affairs

Charitable Gambling - Considering a Raffle or Other Gaming, Here’s What You Need to Know!
We all like to award our attendees and guests with great prizes and giveaways. Stay on the right side of the gaming laws by understanding what we can and cannot do as a nonprofit or for-profit business. This session will also cover charitable gambling including raffles, communication with partners at our events.
Speaker: Tom Barrett, MN Gambling Control Board

Alleviate Planning Stress with Tools & Resources
There are endless resources to help us work smarter, connect and engage. This session will share tools on project management to twitter walls and everything in between! Bring your questions and ideas too!
Speaker: Kalsey Beach, Do Good Events

Check back often, new sessions being added daily!

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