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MNFEA Cares was developed in 2022 as a way for MNFEA to further support our members and their festival needs. Twice each year, the MNFEA Board selects a member-organization to assist in volunteer recruitment and to provide support as volunteers at their event. Once an organization is selected through the below submission process, MNFEA will help to fill volunteer openings through the Board and in promotion to MNFEA members, advisors and our network of supporters.

Submission Process: 
Twice each year, member organizations have the opportunity to submit their event volunteer opportunities for MNFEA Cares consideration. Opportunities will be reviewed by the MNFEA Board with one opportunity being selected for a Winter/Spring and a Summer/Fall volunteer activity. 

Winter/Spring Submission

Event must be held between December 1 and May 31. Submission window: September 1 - October 31.

Summer/Fall Submission

Event must be held between June 1 and November 30Submission window: March 1 - April 30.

Use the submission form linked below to enter your opportunities for consideration. So you may prepare ahead for entry, event submissions will need to include the following details:

    • Event/Festival
    • Event dates
    • Opportunities needed to fill
      • Description of tasks
      • How many volunteers are needed per opportunity
      • Volunteer hours requested
    • Contact or volunteer sign up form
    • Volunteer perks (if available)


Entry Requirements:

  • Festival/Event (or an organizing individual) must have an active MNFEA membership.

  • Festival/Event must have an active volunteer program in place (this is not a substitute for what would otherwise be paid positions).

  • Festival/Event (or organizing individual) may not be a current MNFEA Board member.

Benefits for Selected Organization

  • MNFEA will promote the volunteer recruitment efforts of the organization (for the positions requested during the submission process) for a minimum of 1 month through the MNFEA website, social media, eblasts, and at MNFEA events. Timing of recruitment will depend on the date of the selected event and alignment with MNFEA activities.

  • MNFEA will commit to filling a minimum of 3 of the volunteer positions for a maximum 4-hour shift for the selected organization. The volunteer role filled will be selected by the Board or individual volunteer based on the positions requested during the submission process.

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