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Job Posting: Special Projects Manager

Saturday, June 05, 2021 12:46 PM | Anonymous

Special Projects Manager 

Part-Time (20 hours/week) 


Potential for additional hours 

Position Summary 

The Special Projects Manager at Impact Hub MSP provides coordinaon on specific assigned projects that have mul-year operations and engage with two or more partners. These projects are focused on increasing deeper services to Impact Hub members or potential members. Each project has specific named partners, defined outcomes for mission driven entrepreneurs and the community. 

The Special Projects Manager is expected to design and implement assigned special projects. This includes planning and executing project management processes, supporting partner relationships, regularly reporting to partners, Executive Director and Board of Directors and reviewing and improving assigned projects over me. The Special Projects Manager is part of the staff team at Impact Hub and coordinates with team members on all special projects work. 

Organization Summary 

Impact Hub MSP. Building a more inclusive, sustainable world. Impact Hub Minneapolis-Saint Paul is a diverse community of founders, creaves, investors, established companies and NGOs who have one thing in common – we believe bold, entrepreneurial ideas can change society for the beer. At Impact Hub, people innovate with heart, balancing social responsibility with profitability to build a world that works for all. 

Part of the global Impact Hub network, Impact Hub MSP offers shared workspaces, community-led workshops, and peer-to-peer learning to help members create tangible solutions that drive social change. 

Work Environment. Impact Hub MSP staff work in a fast-paced, dynamic and mostly digital environment. All team members need to be flexible, professional, problem solvers, who can work well both independently and on a team. Self-starters with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills and an interest in meeting and working effectively with diverse constituencies are especially effective. 

Reports To 

Executive Director 


Unwavering service mentality 

Meticulous attention to detail 

Ability to give presentations and comfortable making cold calls 

Warm, friendly personality and ability to stay positive and centered during stressful situations Project management experience preferred 

Ability to layout realistic work plans and timelines 

Strong people management skills including the ability to assign tasks to others and encourage task completion 

Position Details. Current Projects Include: 

Chameleon Shoppes Project: Powered by Minneapolis Downtown Council, the Chameleon Consortium is a private-public group dedicated to the experiential and economic vitality of downtown Minneapolis. Its purpose is to create vibrant downtown experiences by transforming empty retail spaces into equity opportunities for BIPOC- and women-owned businesses. 

Ideal candidates would be passionate about opening up business opportunities that may not have been possible before and motivated to be a part of an evolving downtown that evokes inclusive interest, aracon and pride. 

Responsibilities include. 

Manage vendor relations and project coordination for this mul organization collaborative designed to give women and people of color owned businesses the opportunity to gain experience in retail location sales in Downtown Minneapolis. Manages all potential vendor relations, coordinates support needed for pop-up retail, mul-month mul-vendor shared locations and longer term retail locations and supports the Project Manager Dan Collison of Minneapolis Downtown Council. 

Coordinate all retail vendor applications, selecons and training processes. 

Manage all vendor records to ensure all required documents, licenses, insurance verifications are complete and available. 

Write and coordinate communications to vendors (currently more than 60 people) and those interested in being one. 

Manage Chameleon social media accounts coordinating with marketing volunteer teams and professionals as directed. 

When retail locaons are to open, be the key Chameleon contact for retail operators including: Plan and coordinate opening of multiple pop-up retail events. This includes 

2 (3-4 month) shared retail locations and 

up to 5 ongoing retail locations all in downtown Minneapolis. 

Schedule and physically assist vendor move-in and move-out, coordinating with marketing partners and flexibly respond to the variety of needs of vendors. 

Troubleshoot large scale issues. 

Train on best practices for best in-store coordination and the use of the Chameleon point of  sale system (Square). 

Coordinate provision of furnishings or other supplies needed. 

Provide support for monthly meetings of Chameleon Consortium as assigned.

Interns 4 Impact: This year-round member service connects members to a network of six or more colleges and universities that have internship programs and are seeking placements with entrepreneurs in the for-profit or non-profit worlds. 

Responsibilities Include: 

Facilitate connections between interns and businesses through recruiting, promong and project management. Manage relationships with schools, teachers, entrepreneurs, and funders. Lead, design and create training for the program to increase shared learning. 

Maintain the relationships with the colleges including quarterly communications and all required reporting to each 

Help members submit internship project applications following the unique guidelines and procedures at each college 

Design and offer training to members on internships including how to design an internship to maximize the mutual experience and how to supervise interns. 

Evaluation design and outcome measurement 

Impact Hub General Operations: Support Impact Hub general operations as assigned. When not on assignment for special project management, be available to work on site at Impact Hub MSP to be available to greet and support Impact Hub members and to send weekly team meetings. 

How to apply? Please send resumes to 

825 Washington Avenue SE, #200, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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